Modern Opera Trends

Many opera lovers today are the transition from classical opera to modern opera that occurred concomitantly with the death of Puccini in 1924. There are epitaphs that can easily be spotted in Little Italy as well as Lincoln Center in New York. A change in operatic repertoire has been noticed since the turn of the […]

How to Enjoy Opera

To people who have never been to a live opera performance, the experience of a grand opera may be rather mysterious. However, everyone in the real world is always exposed to opera music without even realizing it. It is not uncommon to hear music in TV commercials that can only be described as operatic in […]

Operetta from Contemporary Opera Performances

Operetta is one of the many genres of performance arts that has a very close relationship with opera in terms of both theme and music sequences. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between operetta and opera. The term was used for the first time to describe opera stage performances that were shorter and less ambitious […]

Exploring Various Opera Singing Voices

Different roles in opera are performed using particular voice types. Each is designed for different types of singers and the differential in vocal range in performance is the secret behind the richness of variety and distinctiveness in every classical opera performance. Opera voices can therefore be classified into different types that fall into either the […]